Friday, 19 July 2013

So what exactly is a Baby Planner?

Most people get "professional organiser", but "baby planner" still manages to get a lot of quizzical looks.
The most obvious comparison to make is with a wedding planner - someone who helps you plan and prepare for something specific. But unlike a wedding planner, a baby planner is not helping you plan and prepare for one significant event, but a significant and complete life change.

There is of course the preparations for delivery day that we can help with, but a baby planner's services cover so much more than that. From setting up the nursery, evaluating what baby gear you do and don't need, and rearranging your home to be more conducive to those early sleep-deprived days, to adjusting your time and budget management, preparing for returning to work, and child-proofing. I can also help you set up a non-toxic home and eco-friendly nursery - known as "green proofing".

From the moment you find out you are pregnant, you are bombarded with information, opinions, and decisions to be made. A baby planner can help you navigate through this overwhelming time to reduce the stress of all this logistical gumpf, and free you up to focus on what really matters. 

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These services are particularly valuable for those expectant mums who are very time-poor, do not have any close family or friends to help them, or are restricted to bed-rest. For the expectant grandmas out there looking to get their children something special - remember I have gift vouchers!

If you have any questions on professional organising or baby planning feel free to ask!

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