Sunday, 4 August 2013

Information Overload

I have just returned from 4 very busy days at our annual AAPO conference, immediately followed by a day at the Kids in Style / Life in Style trade expo. I'm not going to lie - my brain hurts and I'm exhausted!

I absolutely loved the conference! I was on the committee which organised it so it was great to see all our hard work come to fruition, and I also presented for the first time at the conference. There is something wonderfully satisfying about being completely immersed in all things organising for 4 days! We had some incredible speakers and I learnt soooo much, but I have definitely been subjected to information overload.

organising conference, professional organiser, information overload

If you have ever experienced anything like that before, remember that organising your thoughts and information in your head is very much like organising your physical belongings. You can't hold on to everything, otherwise things get too cluttered and messy in there, and it becomes difficult to access what you need. Rather, assess what is useful and meaningful and find a home for it, and the rest of it will either be discarded, or placed in storage for later reference. My first task tomorrow is to review all my notes from the past 5 days and do exactly that.

In the coming weeks I'll be sharing with you some of the fantastic lessons I learnt and products I discovered, and I just know you are going to love them, almost as much as I do!

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