Wednesday, 13 November 2013

HOW TO :: Get a handle on your handbag

This past Friday I attended a Breast Cancer Fundraising Dinner hosted by the lovely Doan from Little Organics and Gluten Free Wagon. I did a little presentation on being organised with the ladies, and started with a fun game of 'Handbag Bingo' (which isn't really a thing, I just made it up!!). I got a lot of positive feedback about the game - the ladies loved it and it was a fun way to get the message across, so I thought I would share it here so you could join in the fun. (And guys - it works just as well with a laptop bag!)

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Go on - see if you can get bingo! Not only did most of the ladies achieve 4 in a row, but many also ticked nearly all of the boxes. The point of the exercise was to show how quickly little things can build up to form clutter, even in a small space like a handbag.

What is clutter?

My definition of clutter is: anything that does not belong where it currently is; serves no current purpose; adds no value; or is awaiting an overdue decision or action. There are many more than these 16 items which can be found in handbags and fit that description of clutter. A good way to stay on top of it is to empty your bag at the beginning of each month and deal with the contents as needed. Life is way too short to waste time scratching around in your bag when you need something! Keep it clean and clutter-free - it's a small thing which can make a big difference in your daily life.

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