Wednesday, 9 October 2013

101 Uses for Command Hooks

Being a renter, I have always relied on my trusty 3M hooks and picture mounting strips. But then through the wonders of Pinterest I discovered all sorts of creative ways to use them - from storing pot lids to hanging curtain rods, and everything in between, and subsequently I use them a lot with my clients. (Here is a little Professional Organiser's secret...Ssshhhh don't tell anyone I told you! If you are struggling to keep your horizontal surfaces organised - use your vertical surfaces! Hooks, hangers, wall-mounted hanging organisers, etc - piles can't form on vertical surfaces)

I have started my own Pinterest board to collate my findings, and would love you to contribute if you have any more clever ideas. I have no doubt we can find 101 uses! Please comment below telling me how you use Command Hooks and email me photos if you can - I'll pop them on my Pinterest board (crediting the source of course!!)

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How I use 3M Command Hooks 

Two of my biggest irritations at home... 1. rattling blind cords flapping about in the wind when we leave our doors or windows open, and 2. wet cloths hanging over the tap or left on the side of the sink.
Problem solved!!

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Here are some other ways I have used them in my and my clients' homes:

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The extra large hooks I used to store extension cords also work wonders for hanging large laundry baskets on the wall above the washing machine or laundry trough - great to get them out of the way and stop wasting valuable surface area in the laundry.

So please get commenting - I can't wait to see how you have put these fabulous little things to use!

* Please note this post is not sponsored by or in any way affiliated with 3M - this is purely my opinion and experience.

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