Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Going with the flow for organising success

If you have ever tried to set up routines or organising systems in your home, but given up on them shortly after because they just don't work, or feel like waaaay too much hard work, then this post is for you!

Organising Style

I really believe that everyone has their own organising style which is as unique as their personality. What you like to do, how you think, the way you process and store information, your aesthetic style, your priorities - they're all unique to you. This is why I don't think there could ever be a "one size fits all" solution. Many people read books on how to organise, or buy specific organising products, and try to follow "the rules", only to get very frustrated that they can't get it right, and may even end up feeling that they are destined to be disorganised forever. But the problem is not that they just can't get organised - the problem is that the solution was just not right for them.
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For example, if you have read about setting up a Home Command Centre (aka launch pad or drop zone) near your front door to help get the kids organised and out the door quicker, but you find everything still ends up piled on the kitchen bench, then having the Home Command Centre at the front door is not the right solution for you.

Go with the flow

Implement systems around the natural flow of things in your home. If your "stuff" always gets dumped on the kitchen bench, then use that flow instead of trying to establish completely different habits - like placing a box for mail on the bench, and hooks on the end of the bench for keys and bags.
Also think about where the sticking points are for you - what are the most frustrating things that happen in your day which make you feel disorganised? Is it always rushing around trying to find your keys? Is it nagging the kids to hurry up because they can't find their school shoes? If you can identify these issues and put solutions in place which address them specifically, and in a place which fits with the natural flow of things, you are going to make a real impact on your organising success.
Would love to hear from you - what are your sticking points?

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